About us


 The Shor Sharaba Story!

So what happens to two sisters bound by geographical distance, teaming with love for Bollywood and each other and feeling the heat to make a mark in the big bad world? You guessed it, Shor Sharaba happened!

Our entrepreneurial story rests on everything that Aamir Khan tried to teach us in 3 Idiots (The Bollywood movie) - 'To do something we love!' From the time we were brought into the world, we’ve loved to watch TV! Our passion was crooning to latest chartbusters in Bollywood and hobbies included eating, staring into space, discussing movie plots, making antaksharis, laughing and eating some more! So when the time came to put our lives into perspective, we put all our eggs in the one basket that was home to us – FUN!
With our core competencies backed with decent design skills, we started creating things we loved - on cushions and coasters! In a time and space where classy colours and fabrics ruled the roost in home décor, Shor Sharaba with its bright, obnoxiously happy and free spirited attitude caught the imagination of the young and old. Our design sense resonated with young India who was waiting to be found. The response to our first line was phenomenal.
Soon we ventured into new categories including bags and gadget accessories. Life became a little less of boring blacks and a whole lot more vibrant especially for office goers who could carry their work in interesting laptop bags that spoke their mind. IPads and tabs got personal identity with cool cases, and covers. Women got an opportunity to express their individuality with our bags. Passports got happier covers, wallets became trendier, coasters became ideal gifts instead of flowers and chocolates!
We started to get featured in national dallies across the country! Our name got a smile on people’s faces! We became celebrities, well almost…getting recognised at popular Bhel puri walas in North Bombay is nothing short of being a celebrity! It was a dream run! And then bigger and better things came our way! We dabbled into apparel accessories with cool reversible jackets and entered into a zone of Friday night dressing. We further dabbled into apparels for kids thus matching their fervor and zeal for life! We’ve come a long way since then. With ups and downs, journeys and road blocks, events and accolades we’ve been and at it…roaring and shorrring all the way!